Reclamet Repair and Refinish Ltd

We are a unique proposition within the auto repair, panel craft and body shop industry. As well as being excellent practitioners with cosmetic vehicle damage, we notably have direct access to a huge warehouse stocked with thousands of ready-to-use green recycled OEM auto parts.

There is no need to incur delays sourcing parts from elsewhere and no need to buy expensive new parts. The potential savings just through this availability are hugely significant. Based in Manston, Kent, we are easily accessible by a dual carriageway that rings Kent from London to Ramsgate, onto Dover and Folkestone, and returning to London via Ashford and Maidstone.

This prime position also enables us to be agile in servicing our clients. We can be on the main roads in minutes to view, collect or return vehicles. With a fleet of recovery vehicles available to us, we can collect and return multiple vehicles, which makes us the perfect ‘repair and refinish’ partner for company fleet repairs, dealership part exchange repairs and salvage vehicle traders.

We also cater for accident repairs for individuals with our full range of repair options, including access to all our cost-saving recycled auto parts. So, if you are claiming (or not) on your insurance, contact us first as soon as possible for a quote to repair. We may save on your excess and protect your premium.

We understand the importance of choosing a reputable and reliable auto body shop for your car repair to ensure proper vehicle repairs and excellent customer service. We are confident that we will exceed this, and you would be happy to recommend us to others.

We will happily answer all your questions about experience, qualifications, and the repair process. Importantly, we can show you extensive examples of our work, and we are proud of them!

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